Current and forecasts products collection

This set of services allows you to either monitor real-time conditions at the location or request forecasts for them. Forecasts are divided into several products – next-minute, hourly, daily and long-rage climate forecasts.

Data can be requested via APIs, via Bulk Download or via any custom delivery channel.


One Call API

A universal API combining several types of data within itself - minute forecast (for next hour), hourly forecast (next 2 days), daily forecast (next 8 days), long-term historical data for 43+ years as well as active national weather alerts for a location.

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Bulk Download

Dataset of already collected and regularly updated data for a fixed list of global locations, removing the need to call an API. Includes current weather and forecasts. Highly customisable feature, please reach out to us for details.

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Current API

Multi-parameter current weather data for any location on the globe.

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Hourly forecast

Weather forecast with an hourly step for the next 4 days.

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Daily Forecast API

Weather forecast with a daily step for the next 16 days.

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Climatic Forecast API

Long-term climatic weather forecast, with daily data for the next 30 days.

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Above product are out-of-the-box solutions that are available immediately. If you prefer these adjusted in some way for your specific implementation, please consider our customisation services.

This can be anything from adding a new parameter or slightly changing the format of data up to building a completely new custom API or integrating with your system.
We are open to discussion.

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