Energy prediction collection

Services that allow you to forecast amounts of energy consumed by the household and predict the solar output of the solar panels. The third product, Solar Radiation API, provide solar irradiance data at a global scale.

Products features based on OpenWeatherModel


from 500 m to 2 km



Data updates

Every 10 minutes


Energy Consumption servise

Based on our ML-technologies, this service can forecast the potential energy consumption of a building. This solution perfectly fits a wide range of businesses and buildings, from a small home to a series of commercial warehouses.

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Solar Energy Prediction service

This service allows users to predict energy generation from particular solar panels before installation or check the energy generation levels to identify problems with current solar panels. The service is available worldwide.

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Solar Radiation API

Industry-specific tool that allows to request solar radiation data, specifically, GHI, DNI, DHI. Both clear-sky and cloudy-sky models.

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Above product are out-of-the-box solutions that are available immediately. If you prefer these adjusted in some way for your specific implementation, please consider our customisation services.

This can be anything from adding a new parameter or slightly changing the format of data up to building a completely new custom API or integrating with your system.
We are open to discussion.

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Behind our data, there is quite a lot of things going on. We use state-of-the-art ML to ensure maximum accuracy, at a global level. Want to learn more?

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